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Pre-Graduate & Pre-Professional (PGPP) Advising

PGPP works with students who choose to attend professional or graduate school or pursue prestigious fellowships. We support students and alumni considering careers in academia, health, teaching, and other fields. Our programs and advisors encourage students to reflect on their knowledge, skills, experience, and strengths to determine the best path forward to their immediate and long-term goals.


Pre-Health advising provides resources and events to help students and alumni explore health careers and navigate the application process   for professional school. A pre-health advisor provides informed support, and students can learn more through regular workshops, panels, and information sessions, as well as a weekly digest and online resources.

Prestigious Fellowships

Prestigious Fellowships advising helps students and recent alumni identify and apply for nationally competitive scholarships, such as the Goldwater, the Rhodes, and the Fulbright. These merit-based awards provide funding assistance for current undergraduate and graduate students to support study and research in the U.S. and abroad. The application process is also an opportunity to reflect on career goals and personal development.


Pre-Teaching advising supports undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, and alumni considering a career in K-12 education by providing advisement and opportunities for career exploration through internships, community partnerships, volunteering, and other activities. Pre-Teaching helps students to carve out a career path while at Georgia Tech and guides them through the steps to enter into the classroom after they have earned their degrees or embarked on another career.


Pre-Graduate advising helps students to discover avenues for advanced study in all academic disciplines. Students who believe an advanced degree or a career in research may be in their future may consult with an advisor to learn more about graduate study and how to pursue a master’s or Ph.D.  Susan Belmonte handles Pre-Graduate advising and please feel free to submit any questions that you might have about the program HERE.